Hi there! I go by the name of Christopher, but you can just call me Chris if you wish. I am a senior in high school with interests in pure mathematics and computer science.

I currently hold a software engineering position at Obzcure and a grader position at the Art of Problem Solving.

My Interests


I have tutored and taught many students for free in the subjects of English, physics, computer science, and mathematics (mainly combinatorics, number theory, and calculus).

I also grade student submissions at the Art of Problem Solving online school.


Despite not being that great at math, I do love the subject quite a bit. In particular, I enjoy combinatorics and real analysis.

Software Engineering

On a frequent basis, I enjoy the endeavors of software engineeing. I regularly work with C, Java, and Python. I also have messed with C++, Scala, Rust, PHP, and JavaScript in the past as needed.

Cybersecurity / Information Security

I also have an interest in security research — especially when Java and reverse-engineering are involved.

On a frequent basis, I enjoy participating in Capture the Flag cybersecurity competitions with my team redpwn.

Linux :)

My Linux stack (my dotfiles can be found on GitHub):


I am also an advanced classical piano student who has played multiple sets of repertoire from composers such as: Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, Haydn, Scriabin, Chopin, Prokofiev, and Ginastera.

Favorite pieces:

TwoSetViolin fan btw. B)

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