Warsaw Crackme 1

Link: http://crackmes.cf/users/warsaw/java_crackme_1.1/
Answer: -975145735

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Euler's Integral Of The Second Kind

Evaluate $\displaystyle \int_1^\infty \left(\frac{\ln x}{x}\right)^{2011}\,dx$.

I had this rather fun problem on my calculus homework so I thought I should share a solution :0

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Infinite Nested Radicals

Not too long ago, a person who shall not be named challenged me to a math problem apparently believing I wouldn’t be able to solve it. Little did they know I had been introduced to it when I took intro to number theory. ;)

Despite the solution being quite easy, I consider this to be one of my favorite problems. Therefore, I shall do a writeup.

The problem is to solve for $x$

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Is This Prime

There was an interesting conversation I found on the CodeVision Discord server

Now we have this number, but it’s obviously huge, so we don’t want to calculate all those digits out to determine if it is prime or not.

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Unpacking Odin Anticheat

Edit: This JAR was protected with the Paramorphism Java obfuscator by Anthony Som.

Edit #2: Removed JAR link at request of the author.

While this JAR wasn’t too hard to poke around in and figure out what is going on, I found this one of the more unique obfuscations I have seen in attempting to prevent Java reverse-engineering.

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