PIN reverseme by muslimcyber

Problem These days, I am busier with school and other “stuff” and saw this problem. It looked pretty easy, so I decided to give it a go. Let’s start by popping this thing into IDA. .text:00000000004005DE lea rdi, format ; "Masukan PIN = " .text:00000000004005E5 mov eax, 0 .text:00000000004005EA call _printf .text:00000000004005EF lea rax, [rbp+var_4] .text:00000000004005F3 mov rsi, rax .text:00000000004005F6 lea rdi, aD ; "%d" .text:00000000004005FD mov eax, 0 .text:0000000000400602 call ___isoc99_scanf . [Read More]